Electronic Shelf Label

The Basic Functions will have the following capabilities:
  • Using E-paper display technology to boast high contrast ratio –superior viewing angle at nearly 180°. Colors available:
  • BWR (Black | White | Red)
  • BWY (Black | White | Yellow)
  • Each connected to the ESL transmitter (base station) through wireless network
  • Has LED Flashing for Geolocation functions
  • Easy pairing with the label barcode from the back of ESL with product barcode or QR code using ESL Platform Manager
  • A transmitter for ESL Tag which runs on a powerful 1.2GHz Quadcore processor
  • Update all product price on the ESL tags within the range of 100ft radius simultaneously
  • Supports up to 2,000 ESL tags–updating at a rate of 100 tags per minute
  • All data transferred are encrypted.

The Advanced Functions will have the following capabilities:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Advanced battery saving chipset only available in Texas Instrument
  • Enables the ESL to go into deep sleep and wake up upon radio frequency
  • Does not consume battery when the ESL is not updating
  • Prolongs the lifespan up to 8 years without any battery change
  • Dual fisheye lens to run 3D image processing for:
  • Video Analytics–track 3D human movement for product engagement analytics
  • Automated ESL Tag positioning, to automatically locate the latest geo-location of every product after every repositioning.
  • Using the camera to visually geo-locate the flashing LED light during non-operating hours to find the exact location of the ESL tag with an accuracy of less than 5mm.
  • Linking the Product Position and Movement of Shopper, able to pinpoint the exact product location, and by tracking the shopper’s movement, information on customer engagement with products can be derived.


The software for ESL is known as LabelNestPlatform Manager™.

The Key Features are:

  • Centrally manage up to 5,000 stores, with up to 100,000 tags per store
  • Real-time synchronisation of price and content management in bulk
  • Regulate stock levels by displaying inventory information in real-time
  • Integrate label management software with other BI system
  • Health check system implemented at scheduled times to make sure all ESL’s are synced.
  • Multi-level user access for different job responsibilities whereby access rights can be assigned accordingly.
  • Multiple layout templates available to choose from.