People Counter

We are an authorised reseller for FootfallCam people counters in Australia. We have the FootfallCam SafeOccupancyTM Tracker-System and 3D PlusTM People occupancy Counter. It is an automated monitoring system. It uses a three-point system of smart displays, a camera and a heat-based counting system to manage and monitor customer flow. This people counting system is a reliable, efficient way to manage safety regulations and is automated and cost-effective. It is also accurate (95%) and data-driven. There is a dashboard/reports. The three-point system of real-time counting (through 3D stereoscopic video and wifi-based tech); data reporting software, and display can be used to: gain a data-driven insight into footfall patterns and visitor behaviours; understand your traffic flow, your customers, their visit duration and where they spend the most time. It is ideal for: retail chain,  restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, museum & libraries, public transport, and other premises that required people flow control. The counter also have CCTV function and  hot-spot wifi function. It also contains Electronic Shelf Label function. We offer full installation services, including: planning & cable design, site survey, cabling design, layout planning, density calculations; installation which included device installation, configuration, accuracy report, PC or mini-computer setup and post-sale support.

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