Occupancy Count

Occupanycount Technology is a company specialized at People Counter (camera) for retail shops, retain chains, restaurants & cafes, shopping malls, museum & libraries, public transport or any other premises that requires people control. We are an authorised reseller of FootfallCam products- FootfallCam 3D PLUS counter in Australia.  FootfallCam 3D PLUS counter is a UK-engineered people counter, designed to optimise business operations and efficiency. Our people counter offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer activities, so you can drive your business’ growth.

For further information, please visit our website: www.occupancycount.com.au


Aukiot.com is a company that provide various product of iot. We are partners of several iot company to develop and promote iot products such as Electronic Self Label, LTE router, wireless bridge etc.

For further information, please visit our website: www.aukiot.com


Knewyou  Solar is a fast growing company for solar panel business. We offer good reputation solar panels such as JinKo, JASOLAR, AKCOME and Lightway with inverters such as Fronius, SMA, Goodwe, Hypontech, Solis and Growatt.

Our designer will work with you to design an affordable solar panel system to minimise your electricity bill.

Our technician will install the solar panel in according to the industry standards.

Our customer support will office post-installation support.

Please call us to discuss your requirement and let us help you to reduce your electricity bill.